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US Coast Guard Auxiliary, Flotilla 10-2, Savannah Georgia, 7th CG District

Light Characteristics for Navigation Aids

Fixed A like showing continuously and steady F
Fixed and Flashing A fixed light combined with a flashing light of higher luminosity F Fl
Flashing Flashing light, no faster than 30 flashes per minute Fl
Group Flashing Flashing light with specified number of grouped flashes Fl(2)
Composite Group Flashing Similar to Group Flashing but successive groups vary Fl(2+1)
Isophase All light and dark phases are equal Iso
Single Occulting Regular patterns with eclipse shorter than light Oc
Group Occulting Regular patterns with eclipse shorter than light, specified groups Oc(2)
Quick 60 Flashes per minute Q
Interrupted Quick Quick light interrupted with long eclipse IQ
Morse Code A Group of short and long flashes repeated MoA
Alternating Regular patterns with different color lights AlRW
Long Flash Flashing light of 2 or more seconds LFl

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