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Flotilla 10-2 VE Calendar

Vessel Exams are a FREE public service provided by the volunteers of the Coast Guard Auxiliary. There are no penalties if you fail to pass (unlike a costly violation discovered during a Coast Guard exam.) In fact, should you be deficient on one or more items of the exam, once you have rectified the problem, just contact your vessel examiner for a quick re-examination of the missing items.

Once you have passed, you will be awarded a certificate to display on your windshield. Good for the entire calendar year, it will alert the Coast Guard that you are compliant.

Scheduled Exams are done in the spring and early summer. These are the remaining dates, times, and locations where we will be conducting VE's this year. Not convenient? Contact the VE officer to see if we are able to provide a vessel exam at your dock!

There is nothing scheduled at this time.

Flotilla 10-2 VE Calendar


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