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US Coast Guard Flotilla 10-2 Savannah GA District 7

I Want To Join

Basic Qualifications
You must meet these two requirements in order to be considered for enrollment:

  • I am a US Citizen (by birth or naturalization)
  • I am 17 years of age or older

Think about it
To All Parties interested in joining the UNITED SATES COAST GUARD AUXILIARY:
You accept this membership as a volunteer, but as a member you are charged with certain responsibilities & obligations. These include your willingness to support the Coast Guard Auxiliary and its purposes and to participate in its authorized programs to the best of your ability and to the extent that time & circumstances permit.

Your attendance to flotilla meetings is very important, at our meetings we will share information, attending these meetings will keep you up to date on all flotilla's activates. It will also enable you to meet & interact with other members in the flotilla. It is your right and responsibility to VOTE, at these meetings.

The Auxiliary is the informed, volunteer arm of Team Coast Guard, working alongside the Active Duty Coast Guard and Reserve, where the Auxiliary performs "PROUD TRADITIONS and WORTHY MISSIONS".

If you feel that you can meet these qualifications:
Contact our Flotilla Commander. State your interest and ask any questions you might have. He will advise you on the next steps to take.

  • Our Flotilla Commander is PAUL POTERALSKI
  • His phone number is (912) 755-9783

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